Continuous mixer C110

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High-speed single-arm continuous mixer with a capacity of 3 to 10 tons of molding sand per hour. This mixer can be used both for the molding of half-molds and for the manufacture of cores by the cold-transferring process.
The company LLC "Litmashpribor" has the ability to produce for your enterprise a high-speed single-arm continuous mixer C110.
The mixer is designed for the preparation of cold-hardening mixtures for the production of molds and cores. Mixers of this design make it possible to significantly facilitate the manufacture of large forms due to the possibility of supplying the finished mixture to any point of the form. This equipment is analogous to the Omega company, the Spartan 210 model.
Application area:
The mixer can be used in foundries of individual, small-scale and serial production, using the Alpha-Set and Furan-process.
• Reliability in operation
• Easy to maintain
• High performance
• Aesthetic design
• Large radius of action
• Equipment productivity from 5 to 10 tons per hour
• The equipment has the ability to change the performance and change the composition of the mixture.
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