Vibrating table VS10000

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• The vibrating table is designed for compacting casting molds and cores made of sand-resin mixtures under conditions of serial and small-scale production
• The company "Litmashpribor" has the ability to produce for your enterprise both standard and custom-made vibrating tables designed for shrinking and compaction of molding sand prepared using the XTS technology.
• The vibrating table is equipped with a frequency converter to adjust the speed of the vibrators. The vibrating table is controlled from the control cabinet. The vibrating table can function both separately and in combination with the XTS mixer. In this case, the vibrating table is controlled by equipment located in a combined control cabinet.
• Benefits:
• The main advantages of the vibrating table are:
• • Improving the quality of casting molds
• • High performance
• • Reliability in operation
• • Easy to maintain
• • Regulation of vibration frequency
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